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Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Story of York

let me tell you a story...a story happened in York :)
went for a day trip with friends but not sure by spaceship..

...or huge ship...

but then made up my mind....it's better to travel by train

it's a nice and comfy train..with a sweet smile

that small train can fit us all....7 including myself...geng hoh that train?

our first destination was to National Railway Museum you can check it out here http://www.nrm.org.uk/ 

this was the entrance

lots of train models and histories about trains in here

saw this restaurant...very tempting but.......
i also saw this big weighing machine which scared me
and hence i rather not eat at the restaurant :|

then we went outdoor..there's a merry-go-round! colorful! interesting!

raise head up high was this. . . . . . this thing. . .where you had to go right up by the stairs inside and slide down from outside...tipu duit jer ni =.=

moved on to this miniature..my house is just right...THERE...yea there...don't even think about stalking me...

done with the museum..we headed to the York Designer Outlet by bus

on our way i saw one dead/fainted cow....maybe too much sun bed...pity him

also..this buddy here emo gau gau don't know for what reason but i can't offer any help..not sure if he'll kidnap me or whatever he was thinking of

apparently there were not much in the outlet so we went back to the town by motorbike...hahah!! kiddin'

went into this so-called octopus shop but there isn't any octopus in there..instead,i saw a panda bear head for sale at £40

yea..this head...was chopped and sold at an unreasonable price >.<*

walked ahead to some lovely streets with lovely little shops around but they were all closing..

suddenly i saw this big fat bunny...staring at me perhaps?

seems emo.............and overweight
i think the bunny and i were staring at the same thing and had the same expression *sluuuuurps*

summer but not sunny!

lovely....lovely....love the colors

stepped into this cathedral for 5 minutes and !!!!!!!!!!

JESUS!! don't take me now!

Nicki brought us for high tea at Betty's..quite packed, we had to queue but check it out here http://www.bettys.co.uk/ 

gosh...this pianist is such a hypnotizer @.@

right after my order came, my eyes were wide open O_O

lemon torte..tangy! :D

walking back to the central station...

halfway across the world....  =.=

brought some souvenir from Betty's..damn this Betty didn't give us any discount..

handmade Macaroons as well..yellow ones are lemon flavor, green are pistachio, oink are raspberry and brown of course is shit flavored... eh! not shit..it's chocolate!

so overall, i had 3~4 luggages from York...lots of stuff huh... joking!

we went back using this magic band...okay okay no joke

actually we went home by spaceship  :|
hahahahaha!!!!! okay okay...with this train....




zzkang said...

nice trip and weather there... :D

♥snoopy♥ said...

yea...luckily it's nice that day..the weather here is really unpredictable =.=