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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Royal Quay Outlet, Newcastle Upon Tyne

spend another day outdoor...since friends came from Hull and Glasgow damn it's a good excuse for me to go out shopping meeting up with friends eh?

ehem! so i went to Royal Quay, in Newcastle's Meadow Well stop by Metro..it's quite near so, i went soon after my Meet & Greet interview (..i got the JOB! yuhuu!) check Royal Quay Outlet here http://www.royalquaysoutlet.co.uk/ 

to me it's a small outlet but i can get few things e.g t shirts and singlets for just £5- £6 each..

outdoor outlet

it's really nothing much besides the shops except for this!!

see this barn?

bunnies!!!  :D  :D

hello friend!

Nicki, Yi Shan and pencuri to be V

arrived Newcastle with a hungry tummy!! stopped by China Town Express for dinner :D

Spring Onion Pork? i'm not sure cause Micheal (staff) recommended and i just picked one out of 287426 names he mentioned =.=

compared to York Designer Outlet, i preferred this one cause i didn't get anything in York not because i'm picky but in York.....it's a disaster @.@ literally all of us didn't get anything from our York trip loh~

for those of you who haven't been to Royal Quay...go have a look~ it's nice place :)



Lean said...

Dropping by ere =), Nice pics

♥snoopy♥ said...

thanks Lean!