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Monday, June 21, 2010

Healing Time

how long does it take to recover from a break up? a week? a month? a year? does time really matters? some people say the total time you spent on your relationship would be the time you use to recover...is it? why it sounds like it's more to berkabung (mourning period) one? =.=*

if time really matters, then why do some people have a new relationship right after a break up? is that a temporary healing or they really got over their ex-es and move on? if there's healing time, then break up time leh? called "broke up time"? and couple that time is "together time"?

. . . . . wtf. . .  "together time" =.=

i was once told by a guy friend that "time doesn't matter...it doesn't mean you love that person more if you mourn for 3months, 1 years, 6 years...it just shows that you're still silly-ly in love with him/her"

and i think his statement is true...i mean, why wasting time thinking about one person when you can spend your time on other stuffs e.g family and friends? i bet there's at least one who can accompany you til the end, right?

spending time emo-ing all over the world, facebook, msn and skype proves what, tell me? hah? tell me!?!! show people how emo you are hah?!? or show people how attached you are?!? or show people how "chang qing" (loyal) you are?!?! u can listen to emo songs, watch emo movies, eat emo food but need to go beyond that or not? necessary ah? must ah?

then after that what? suicide??! cry half dead in front of people? acting ah? cry so loud later ah piao come pick you up then you know =.=

what i think...

people might say time heals but i think it's the way they think of the situation rather than the time..like...i'll definitely think of my ex at first after we broke up...but i won't say i'll be okay in 2 years time..instead, i'll still go on missing and think of him from time to time and eventually it will stop at a point while still going on with my life 

so where does the "time heals" play the part when i spend my time on important stuffs like studies and friendsi would keep that emo part like how i eat, chewed, swallowed and it metabolized and flushed into the toilet bowl but essential nutrients are kept in the body all the pains, the sadness is flushed off and rather keep the good memories in the head for good

for me, "time heals" doesn't exist unless i spend it solely on thinking about it, crying about it, mourning about it 24/7or else, time heals when a person have nothing else better to do in life and just waiting for time to pass by then after. . .let's say 6 months, saying "i'm over him/her and time heals!"

if i'm doing something else besides emo-ing alone then i wouldn't say that time heals cause in this matter, it's the stuffs that i do along my sadness that heals me time..? hmm...not so much and by the time i'm healed, i achieved something else too


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