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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Grad Bells And Balls

graduation ball for all Applied Science students!! 1st June 2010 in Assembly Room, Newcastle Upon Tyne

pictures 1st then loadsss of COMMENTS

the menu says 4 course meals..ou, the two red thingy are Jello's
trademark on their plates...nice one

1st course...Homemade Cream of Vegetable Soup served with bread..forgot about the pictures cause i was busy in the toilet late

2nd course meal...Breast of Chicken with Gravy sauce served with roasted potatoes and vegetables
3rd course is dessert liao... Chocolate Cheesecake
final course meal...COFFEE AND CREAM with after dinner Mint i don't think you guys need to know how/what coffee looks like..?!?
G and Snoopy

Yan Ting and Snoopy

below are some of the grad balls...

Harry, my pathology lecturer...very de cheong hei one -____- seriously cheong hei~~

Geoff, metabolic biochem lecturer..super great lecturer and in fact, the best among all who taught us

Derek, hmmm........lots of conflict between us ~.~ hope he passes my dissertation

 Snoopy, G, V, Yan Ting

Snoopy...gained weight >.<*

Sinnee, V, Ahmed...gorgeous guy!

Sadiyah, Snoopy, V, Naimah..not sure if the spelling's right
eh heh heh heh

again... eh heh heh heh heh

V and G

House red wine

small champagne...kiddin'! it's bubbles..!!

hate balloons


small balloons~ aiyah, ok lah~~

from Yan Ting's camera

the graduation bells




okay...can start with the comments liao

the graduation tickets......!!!! rectangular shape in black...with the grad ball details (which is only 4 lines of sentences at a corner) and a luxurious lighting o_O whoever designed it should be a bad taste designer

the so-called 4 main course was........wtf!??! coffee with cream is one of them!??!!?!  O_o the 1st main was alright but the 2nd was *puke* the chicken smells! it's not fresh, cheap chicken breasts! the dessert *pengsan* one word....YUCKY! it was awful..like u just want to swallow it without tasting it because the ball nit cost us 35 freakin' pounds ~.~ V even said she bakes much tastier then this "thing"...i think she can open a bakery shop liao loh!

za dao faces~

and we were supposed to have a FREE ENTRY to Madame Koo's but the planner bu tiam!!she didn't know the guest list closes at 12am and we reached there at 1am, door guy said £6 entrance fee..she said we can go anytime but i guess she has no brains cause she got big boobsthen most of us was stuck outside with no places to go~ she was just sitting on the floor @.@

that was supposed to be our after party destination but this planner........ *shakes head*

i can't stop complaining cause i paid for it...it's £35!!!! not ringgit, man! if ringgit i can dump it on her face...! and i definitely deserve to complain! i can get the course meal for less than  £10 in bigger portion loh, i swear!

c'mmon la...they can do way much better than this but i don't know who elected this brainless human to organize this event..grad ball should be a grand thing, with really great food..this one should cost £20 nia lah

lucky draw part~!!!!  -___________- *knock my head on wall* Thornton chocolate worth £3.5, candies, and V got a morning after pill.......PANADOL??!?!!?! it's like...............£2 !?!??!?!? jia lat speechless......................

then we took a taxi back to my place..driver want us to GUIDE HIM pulak! what the................................???? i didn't know i have to GUIDE a taxi driver + GPS in front of him back to my home..?!?!?!!? it's not like he pay me for guiding him, i paid him instead!! f*ck his life seriously...dah lah i was not satisfied with the grad ball, i got a retarded taxi driver some more =.=

this is much entertaining than grad ball =.=

and i watched V's accidently-recorded-home-make up-video with my webcam..!!! that was super hilarious!! i laughed until my stomach muscle can't take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i haven't been laughing that hard since gazillion years ago...

LAUGH 'TIL YOUR STOMACH MUSCLE CRIES~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAUGH DIE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i've got to repeat that video again!!!!!!!!!!!! that's all for my graduation ball night...overall, it sucked and not worth it



zzkang said...

hahah...the foods look better than your comment...really that bad?? didnt know coffee also included in the course meal.. :D

and...lots of lenglui there..hehehh

and...your makeup so geng!!..WOW!! :D

♥snoopy♥ said...

not to mention the chicken is really dry also =.= yes...i wanna die knowing COFFEE is one of the MEAL...

hahah! pick one! all of them not single and not available...hahahhaha!!!!

my make up was so late minute...had to call taxi twice coz make up ate my time >.<