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Monday, June 14, 2010

BBQ On A Cloudy Day

first BBQ in UK...plus friends from Hull and Glasgow..plus light rain and cloudy weather tsk tsk tsk...but who cares! BBQ is still ON!

it's actually BBQ + Potluck...so Nicki, Elvin, Ling Ling and Yi Shan in charged of the BBQ part, Gilbert bought some snacks and soft drinks, 3 ge baked chocolate brownies (<3), V made roasted potatoes and i made agar agar~  :)

venue..? Nicki's place! which means it's Ling Ling's place! which also equals to Elvin's place! =.=*

 this was a day before BBQ..we were watching Ip Man...cinema in UK tarak this movie =.=

i don't know where my food picture went to so i got only V's food and whatever you will see below :)

 roasted potato with turnips and carrots <3 

hehe...BBQ-ing outside

white t: gilbert from Hull
head behind gilbert: 3 ge~~~ graduated from Sunderland last year

look at the fire from this.......

to this!!!!!

 hahah!! si beh funny!! they added the "real" charcoal in then the smoke suddenly became this strong...can call ambulance de liao~

agar agar made by ----> Snoopy~!  *shyy*

har...lepas makan main game! :P

P/S...3 ge mabuk di....

super happy to gather around with friends after everyone finished exams (some working already) and enjoy our nights just eating, chatting, drinking and sex-ing gaming! hahahah!!

few more post to go...BE RIGHT BACK!





zzkang said...

baked potato looks very sedap!! :D

♥snoopy♥ said...

memang sedap~~ hehe!! a bit of veg after all the meat from BBQ @.@