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Friday, June 18, 2010

Alton Towers, Stoke-On-Trent

HOLLA!! Snoopy's back again for my last post on ALTON TOWERS theme park!!! that's why i need to separate this post...my friends and i had been talking and wanting to go there for. . . .3 months but failed previously

but now hell yea we made it to Alton Towers!!!

i'll shut up for now and upload pictures

nyea nyea..drivers drive, passenger click flash! :D

see this weirdo...wear hamik suit =.= cover cover all from head to toe...what for hor?
anyone tell me please?

we queued for Thirteen roller coaster ride and saw this.....who's interested pandai
pandai save this number la har...

Thirteen indeed is a fun and surprising ride..try it out and you'll know :)

teared on my 1st ride...The Blade! on the left picture!! ah ma long time didn't go to theme park ah~  >.< can't blame me! luckily i brought my MINYAK KAYU PUTIH along

Ice Cream Waffles topped with Chocolate ice cream and Chocolate sauce!!

this is AIR roller coaster..it's the smoothest ride in Alton Towers and it takes
about 3minutes from you keep your ass down on the scary ride 'til the end

and no i didn't get on the ride...enough rolling and rolling and BBQ-ing upside
down for me...too scary for me liao =.=

hahk! alton towers is SO VERY DE INTERESTING~!! but i don't fancy roller coasters @.@

heh! fake shark spinning round and round :)

 this was the most fun part..pirate water war!!  :D

this one i'm not scared *grins*

after Water War...we don't look wet, do we?

 hahahaha!!! speechless


 yea i know.....shooooosh

grab all you can!! *evil grin*


and that's the end of my 5 days trip..it was my first time travelling with friends in a foreign
country..driving as the GPS guides...having maximum fun and excitement that a person could
almost fail to bare...!!

if you're going to a road trip soon...then stay put as i'm going to tell you what to and not to
do on a road trip like this


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