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Thursday, June 17, 2010

5 Days 1 Go


i just got back from my road trip...rest...eat...edit pictures...facebook...sleep...eat...facebook...facebook...sleep... almost forgot shower...edit pictures...eat...DONE~!!! finally!!!

so...my journey was like this:-

11th June 2010 - Newcastle to Manchester
same day...Manchester to Looe

12th June 2010 - Looe and around Cornwall (relaxation)

13th - Cornwall as well..visited a few places including BEACH~!

14th June 2010 - Cornwall to Birmingham (shopping!)

15th June 2010 - Birmingham to Alton Towers (fun & entertainment)
same day...Stoke-On-Trent for a stop by then back to Newcastle


typing them out is much harder than saying it!  >.<i'm trying my best to shrink everything into one post cause it's been taking loads of my time and i don't fancy doing the Part I,II,III thing...not for now~

at the same time..i found myself the best photo editor to edit my pictures faster and easier after trying few of them..i'm loving it! but sorry for my bad editing skills~ still amateur ma..

anyways, Ma"ew came to pick V & Snoopy up and the journey begins~!

got KFC Kid's Meal from somewhere we stopped by :)

arrived MU around 12pm plus and met up with Ah Long, Ah Hwa, Landa and G for lunch at Tai Wu Cantonese Restaurant check it out here ---> CLICK THIS 

quite a big restaurant...it operates both dim sum and buffet sections
Siu Mai (Dumplings)
Egg Tart
Chicken Legs
Chopped Pork Spare Ribs
Yam Puff
Pork pie and Pork bun
no idea what's the name =.=
i changed to Ah Hwa's car..heheh..want to spend more time with this two couple..
the distance from Manchester to Cornwall took 6 hours O_O 6 freakin' hours~!!
this is where we stayed..a CARAVAN 1st time ever staying in a caravan..quite fun!

that's all for our 1st day...tired of driving and seating and sleeping in the car~ finally we have our bed!


yuuuhuuuu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! day 1~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 breakfast prepared by G...as always :)
haha! candid shot when they were checking their date for results online

out out of our way to St Austell for shipwreck viewing..

not that interesting....just these two ships nia =.=

busy taking photos~

one thing that attracts me in St Austell...
toy windmill!!!!!! nyea nyea nyea~
continued our day to New Quay Beach~! it's a really nice place..but it was windy at the shore

blue blue blue blue blue sea~~
only Snoopy~

went back to our Caravan around 6pm..the guys were on the tv for world cup =.=

ape lagi!?? V, Landa and Snoopy went to the entertainment venue to play some games lah!

there was this little girl won ~7quid from the spinning machine loh~ i lose money to this stupid thing ah~!!  >.< "gas die me" 

fed mother duck =.=
AARRGGHHHH~~~!!! no eye see~!!

grapes for supper~!


Day 3~!!

1st destination was to Looe's Bay
HARIBU...gummy bear..egg..Coke...heart  (n_n)Y
dress from Republic at £10
Snoopy having plenty of fun!

out 2nd destination was to St Micheal's Mount..there were a few legends from that mount but one was told by a very nice couple there was once upon a time *giggles* there was a giant stayed in that mount as they found skeletons of a 7~8 foot "thing" when they dig the land..the skeleton was said buried under the castle or something like that...not sure...have to Google which i'm not going to do so..

 pups and doggies~!!

our final destination of the day was Land's End...as the name stated...it's the end of the land. full stop. no more land until the next continent :) romantic place to watch sunset~

we had pasta while waiting for the sun...............to set~

the end of day 3 *wink*


hello day 4! we left Cornwall, headed north to Birmingham~


heh! arrived after 4 hours ride! i love the backpacker hostel! *hugss* it's so cozy...warmth...decorations are adorable! definitely recommended for budget stay!

waste no more time! let's move on to the Bullring~!!!!! our hostel is ~10minutes walk to the Bullring so we didn't drive...after all, we were in the car at least 2hours daily =..=

 time jalan jalan ni...we saw something familiar!!
hey Kelisa! all the way from Malaysia to Birmingham~!!
for shopaholics...let's BULL this place~! check it out here ---> CLICK THIS 
hahah!! prince charming came to rescue!!! might be with a white horse er~~~
 tired face..dark circles all not corporative at all >.<
lunch at Nando's :)

......ok, continue shopping!
shopping! shopping!.aiyar no lar..actually i bought a little only *looking at my bags*

 see....? i'm not just about shopping one lor....
 . . . . . . . .
Puma singlet from Royal Quay Outlet for £6

at the very last minute, i decided to cut off my day 5 trip to another post..heheh...got reason one lar...so be right back okie? that's all for now....after a long post i bet you guys start to get bored huh?

HUGE FART for you to sniff in until you pengsan....hmph but for those who read with patience...THANK KIU YOU~~!!!!!

see you guys in Day 5 *wink*



kenwooi said...

i wanna go to UK again!

♥snoopy♥ said...

buy your tickets now!!!! hahahha!!!!!

zzkang said...

wow...this post so looooooong....nice trip there!!
me saw satria in vienna too..heheh :D

♥snoopy♥ said...

yea...very long...even longer if i din merge those pictures @.@ hahaha!! once in awhile can see malaysia car =.=

zzkang said...

not bad la...malaysia car quite 'established' in foreign land... :D

♥snoopy♥ said...

yea....i think we saw proton waja as well on highway here... :D