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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Income Status

yeap! been busy! dealing with stress is something that happened to all of the people in this galaxy..trust me, i did the survey chun

as some of you know, i'm a Biomedical Science student in Northumbira University, currently in my final year...to be exact is going to finish everything really really soon

BUT...........but......i have part time job, first one is a bar staff job in Habita, kind of a part time IN a student uni job

and a Saturday-only job in a Chinese restaurant which i adore very very much (because tauke neo treats feeds me super well)

and there's more...!!!
a chef in my own restaurant

sibeh rich farmer @.@
oh...my new job, hotel manager *grins*

SEE~~~~~?????  my life is really complicated..!  >.< who wants to earn a hugs amount of money in a week..call me! i'll introduce you to these jobs *wink


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