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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fight Til The End

my first paper for final exams was 11th May and it was stressful, after all..i'm not a NERD  o_O nerd people doesn't feel stress because they read every single freakin' day (maybe sunday day offof course i managed to breathe again after few days off the beat

right after that paper i had dinner with my date, V...went out, did what every couple do..ate, watched movie and hanging around here and there

what movie we watched?

let me tell you this first..

we were punk'd!

in mandarin.....ZA DAO~~!


check the website  http://www.nightmareonelmstreet.com/ 

like....super yeng hor? i always feel stupid for believing those trailers after a "za dao" movie ~.~

why can this movie be a re-make, and re-make and re-make hor? nice ah?

the Freddy was the one who molests and abused those kids but then when he died and the kids grew up, he kills in his victim's through their sleep O_O

he wants these teenagers to remember their bad memories for NOTHING~ shuang shuang make people recall being abused.. O_O

then..the main actress pulled him out of his world and into her world (confusing huh?) the secondary actor killed Freddy in this "real" world

in the end, Freddy kills people in "real" world...no more killing through sleeps O_O

the end

WHAT THE. . . . . . . .

like that also happy lor this Freddy...bad character never dies~  =.=  u tell me za dao o not lar watch this movie

luckily it's Tuesday, movie tickets are only £3.94 or else i'll strangle myself to meet Freddy and kill him no matter he's in real world or sleeping world or fantasy world



zzkang said...

heheh....funny description there... :D

♥snoopy♥ said...

=.= if u haven't watch it....DON'T

zzkang said...

yeah...I wont waste money on this type of movie... :D

♥snoopy♥ said...

download then watch at home enough liao @.@