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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's Next?

there are some girls that i don't understand despite i'm a girl myself okay maybe young lady those little girls that put in make ups just at the age of what.....10? what period is that? playground period? why ha? so young yet they put on make ups on their cutie lil' faces..

i pity them cause they are ruining their faces starting at such a low age and then worried about wrinkles and spots at their early teens T__T i am still surprised to see these kids in their heels and god knows who helped them with their make ups not only that...they have their nails polished >.<

i clearly recall that i used to wear those big, laced, pinky dresses out lor...as in Chinese New Year, church kids functions or when my parents bring me to someone's wedding dinner gosh~ hopefully no pictures were snapped with me and those dresses..i won't admit it's ME >.< i feel so gross recalling aunties keep saying "aiyah, your daughter looks nice in that dress ah..."  yuck...it's obvious it's NOT NICE AT ALLLL

and another thing..! in my days, girls used to have short straight hair!!!!!!!!!!!! almost all of my friends have the same pattern one!!!!!  hahahahah!!!!!!! don't understand as well!!!!!! you know the style right? the back style will be short and cut at the length of the neck, the front part will be a short fringe..confirm sure this sytle!!  >.<*

 oh mai gutt!

anyways..you can see theses "mature" kids shopping with mummy or else those older kids ranging 11-15 years shopping with their peers on make ups and nail polish etc etc..! why oh why! do you think it's because they grow up much faster than those still busy with silly games e.g playing doctor and patients or plastic kitchen toys =.= 

i used to think that girls should go through their metamorphosis step by step from daddy's girl to becoming an adult, mature woman in which..little girls should stick to masak-masak toys or changing barbie dolls' clothes...then go to school for studies and then start to play with dress ups at least after high school..?

i remember in high school those pretty girls used to dolled up like barbie dolls whenever they go to town and i can't understand what for...i mean, high school~ isn't it suppose to be friends, studies, homework, make fun on teachers eh? but some of them wear nice clothes, nice as in sometimes sexy and look kinda expensive clothes along with make ups and hairdos.. some even got their eyebrows plucked or shaved or shaped..whatever you call it =.=

throughout my high school moments i had the exact same hairstyle., all tied up in one ponytail..EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN' day...not that i don't like to change style sometimes but at that period, i don't think it's necessary i always had a thing with hair and it's important for my hair to look good in order to make me happy for the day so...right after i finished high school, i permed my hair and that was the starting point of my makeover

i wonder if i, too done it before...as in starting to make up, wearing clothes that i'd never thought of wearing now, plucking eyebrows..aiyah those things that only adult should do one lah..if i done that in my "those days"..then what should i do next? i'm only 23 this year...

*brain fart*

i think nothing would have changed...people would say "eh! long time no see" instead of "you changed a lot eh~!"

i once asked a friend, why you wear nice clothes all the time?

"if i don't wear now then when can i wear them?" she replied

and i stupidly said "yeah hor"..but that was when we were teens 

i recall now, and had a nice smile about it...i should have answered her this.."if you wear so nice each time you go out, then you can't be prettiest when you want to"



kenwooi said...

nowadays the younger generations are too pampered.. =/

♥snoopy♥ said...

[ken] yea lar...more pretty than adults dress up ah.. =.=

matilda said...

omgots this is so inspirational and all my inner thoughts are sed in this post i tell u these words are blurting out wat i feel like mamking ppl get.... especially the last part...if making everyday perfect hair perfect make up perfect clothes number 1, well when u try to b the prettiest one day it wud jsut b any normal day how "un"special dat is..i wud rather b my normal self easygoing and when days are needed to b pretty it never fails to suprise KEEP IT UP CUZ i luf u=D
good job ahh!!xoxo

♥snoopy♥ said...

[Matilda] haha cuzzy...u have these kids also in NZ?

yea...being pretty everyday won't make any difference for them in future..so sad..

lalalabird said...

i stil prefer to c kiddos tat really look like kiddos~ haha..
p.s. : i mis u~

♥snoopy♥ said...

yea ba...cute & innocent...

p.s.s . i miss u more n_n