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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Keep It Away

i keep (keep keep keep)...fallin' (fallin' - in' - in')... - Locked in Love by Jason Derulo

yeap! But not fallin' in love cause i'm already in love ages ago heh! well, take an example here, when a totally, completely, stupidly healthy man realized he had leukemia it's like a million stones fall on him, agree?what i'm saying is things now happened when you least expected it

Next, unreasonable things or impossible situations happened even we said it's IMPOSSIBLE blame the one who invented this word

In those days, people always said adults have rational thinking, more understanding, they have better reasons and often…right in any time Move forward and think of it once again, shall we?

If adults are ‘that’ kind, then why most crimes are committed by adults? Don’t they think it’s wrong at the first place? Okay, rewind back to the “world first created”…sorry for the hustle but didn’t the sin committed by human was Eve? Who was once an adult?

My point is, not all adults are right. They may and can have their own perceptions and thoughts and only god cares about their mind but it doesn’t apply to the “We Are The World” slogan...Hello? Adults do have unreasonable periods as well and it depends on an individual to handle it right way

For example, which would you rather choose - bombarding all over about a matter or to be silent and think of how/why the whole situation happened?

Younger human can also understand and considerate sometimes….and definitely makes mistakes but they doesn’t deserve to be judged the way adults judge them…♥ It’s just a naive thinking from adults that younger ones don’t and won’t understand a thing at their age but actually, they do They even keep it in mind, remembering it and recall it when it’s adulthood moments

My last few points are the most important part…
The shocking latest news!!!!

1.   Manners are judged based on a few pieces of chicken
2.   Don’t eat chicken! Save the world!!
3.   Chicken breeders has the best manners on earth!
4. All above are kiddin! Most important one! hehe!


P.S. Dear Lord, i always complained to you "Why the hell You gave me a brother and not a sister instead?"
Well today, finally You knocked me down with an answer, i think it's because You're sick of me annoying You for all these years..i'll keep it away from now on...AMEN.

I'll never be the same, if we ever meet again - Timbaland ft Katy Perry


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