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Friday, April 02, 2010

I Am Who I Am

hey peeps! had a nice 31 days of March? i know i did! it was the most-freakin-disaster-scary-tiring month of the year (at least for now heh!)

anyway it's April Fool today and i got no pranks this year cause i got no idea in mind and just to go silent this year so that people won't notice i'm a prank-er next year *grin*i promise next year i'll spend time to think and plan my pranks! so beware...to whoever will get punk'd then! i shall start with my mum

just a short post today, April Fool's day cause i'm damn tired from work and all i need is rest since i'm having sore throat and flu >.<

me, my husband and my son

look different from who you saw from previous posts? credit to Photoshop...seriously they have this amazing tools to totally change a person...a TOTAL MAKE OVER!

a round of applause please!

and please don't stop visiting just because i showed you my real picture with my family i know lar...i'm not Dawn or whoever leng lui or even single layday but if you genuinely love my posts i know you won't mind how i look, right right? *puppy eyes*

i knew it...you're disappointed already..i can feel it...whatever lah.. I AM WHO I AM..

anyway..Happie April Fool! that's my supervisor in KL! *wink* and i'll not look like that in 10 years time!



jfook said...

Oh my God, there's no any constitution which says that bloggers have to be pretty like Dawn LOL.

♥snoopy♥ said...

[jfook] hahahah...! april foooool~~~!