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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Second Chance?

went to Cheeky Duck for second round because we all LOVE the Spare Ribs in Salt and Pepper sauce! :Dthis time, i was really satisfied with the food.. well done!

so V, G and i ordered a set meal, one starter and one main course just like i had from China Town Express
King Prawn in Double Mushroom sauce  *sluuurps*

close look..oooOoooO...mushrooms, carrots, onions, mushrooms again, prawns... :D

my love, Spare Ribs!!

the taste of spiciness in saltiness..it's just soooo BOOMZ~ hahaha!

the other thing i like about here is they serve rice and main course in a separate dish...this way, the sauce won't flood the whole rice which i hate LOADS cause the rice tend to....to.....to be watery and soft i hate soft rice

i'm now happy to return to this restaurant :D


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