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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Price of Unawareness

to all the girls out there, beware of giving out your personal information on Facebook *sigh*..i think this won't work..


okay, so u might heard of it, this will be a reminder..for those who haven't heard, be cautiousthis happened in Spain where the girl above (ooo sexy) posted all her hot pictures on Facebook as well as her personal details like phone numbers and home address

it reasonable cause after all, it's information that you would like people to know maybe to contact you etc etcwell as you all expected, she has lots and lots of friends due to those amazing cum seductive pictures

there's a guy who asked her out and maybe thought of getting laid by this sexy layday but she rejected (good thing)but because he gt her infos from Facebook, she ended up in heaven or god knows where she is now..

pictures from forwarded email

i'm not sure if this is a new/old/real/hoax but whatever it is..danger is still out there and you might be the 374870238120032 victim

take really good care of yourself princesses, cause danger can be right next to you (look left & right now but don't show that sarcastic look) and yes, they might have been targeting you for quite some time

i understand that it's really hard to keep track on "beware" signs but never give any chance, will ya? take this girl as a warning or reminder to ourselves that don't ever, never ever, don't even think of cheating these kind of deaths

so you're sexy, hot, man eater or whatsoever then what? you're not any celebrity or even close to it.. only celebs got protected by the waypost your amazing bod pictures online in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and whatsoever then what again?

add RANDOM people as FRIENDS or chat buddy or whatsoever then what what again again?all these gives the opportunity to pathetic, psychopath, something-wrong-with-their-f*cked up-life people to attack us, no?

the first thing i did after receiving this email was deleted my current address..i used to think that address will be used by friends (that i know) to send me stuffs but on OIWHFHNCPPEJBRBAKHG thoughts, forget iti had a album of me & my *ehem* but still being asked "You got boyfriend meh?" duuuuh~ my grandfather meh? =.=

repeated in GA-GA-GA-GA-ZILLION-N-N-N-N times even a bit tired already peeps, especially GUYS who stalk and attack these random women, you'll rot in hell, my friend to women, girls and little girls out there, the "it's a beautiful world" song is no longer valuable so, just beware of people who surrounds you

put your address up on Facebook then you'll be next..!!



berryberryeasy said...

Actually it is good not to leave any trace online that can lead to people tracing your whereabouts. Being cautious is always the better way to go about in life. Good post! (Photos are scary though)

♥snoopy♥ said...

agreed! but i believe there are still careless ppl around..sad.. and thanks!