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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mrs. Ali's the Chef?

heh! okay...brain talk a little about what to blog this timebeen blogwalking these few days and saw HOT posts... *panic panic* you know why? cause i'm dead bored at the momentwhen i'm busy, i barely sleep..when i'm free, my brain is so energetic until i can't stand it myself ~.~ it's very annoying ah listen to the brain talking and talking and talking-g-g-g-g non-stop..it's hurting me, you know, emotionally, mentally...  kiddin!

alright...i'd tries Mrs Ali's food for several times because i was in love with the first dish i ordered first time but then i don't taste that delicious-ness in her food anymore *sigh*and i posted it now just to make sure the food quality..hehe besides not letting you know about this restaurant

so i ordered a Wednesday meal which includes 1 starter, 1 main course and 2 side dishes

Chana Saag
it's spinach with checkpeas...not sure if i'd those peas before..

Chicken Chat
slices of chicken with sweet spices..really nice (;

Peshwari Rice
basmati rice cooked with raisins and coconut...ughh~ hate the santan smell

Tikka Lamb
nothing special...i still can't get my first love out of my head, Naga Lamb :(

first of all..i'm not usre if Mrs.Ali cooked all the dishes by herself cause the standard was not as good as she had written down on the menu but then i love some of them and hate some of them so, you gotta try it out yourself my score would be....5/10

don't be sad Mrs.Ali, i'm pretty sure if you gave me extra Naga Lamb i would give a 7//10...? hehe! no i'm not bribing~

the address would be:-

Scottish Life House, Archbold Terrace,

Tel: 0191 281 9988



kenwooi said...

the food really looks good =)

kumfye said...

that means the food you showed in ur post not really nice izzit??? happy blogging


Lean said...

Checking out ere. =)

zzkang said...

snoop...you are in Newcastle???..aahh...my dream city..i wish i could visit newcastle at least once in my lifetime...

not a fans of indian foods and the foods look not really appealing... :)

♥snoopy♥ said...

[kenwooi] only some of them are nice..

[kumfye] i like the chana saag and chicken chat among four.. (= thanks..

[lean] thank you!

[zzkang] yea lor..NCL, uk... y ncl is ur dream city? Millennium Bridge is it? ;p i think coz it's delivery so...not tat appealing..

zzkang said...

because im a big fans of Newcastle united FC...heheh...would love to visit the stadium in black n white stripes jersey n watch them play... :D

♥snoopy♥ said...

[zzkang] =.= cheh~ i tot got wat attraction in NCL here tat u love...hahah~ yea..can come 2 d St.James Park if got any matches~

Jocelyn said...

looks tasty :p~

♥snoopy♥ said...

[jocelyn] maybe u'll love it! :D