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Saturday, March 20, 2010


a little boy tagged along his mother to a tomato farm and help out halfway through, he teared

"What's wrong, honey?" ask his mother

"I-i plucked a green tomato" he replied

"Well it's alright, just leave it here" comforting and stroking his head softly

But if i hadn't plucked him, he would not die so soon

some people came and stayed long enough to know what life means some people came and go instantly without grasping the first breath some came but being treated so bad that they went away without a note of goodbye

i'm not sure if more and more people are aware of crises happening all around are giving signals for people to hold on steadfastly to the life they're having now some said 'i'm blessed to have a new day!' but some said !i rather die than to have this horrible life!'

different eyes reflexes different meanings and understanding on what they see and i learnt to acknowledge that there's no right or wrong, agree?unless for stupid stuffs e.g did Jesus ever dreamt of girls? =.=because when the debate is on, there's no end until a definite answer is obtained which is rarely to happen since both parties has different perceptions

to be given life is not an option so why choose an end instead of trying hard to treasure it when it's not you who gave yourself a beginning? 

extra scene

it takes 2 to argue but only 1 to stop it.


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