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Thursday, March 18, 2010



finally i'm done with my report of the week!it's not common yes i know I KNOW.. but hear me out...just me okay? i'll whisper to you lor just in case later you reply cheh~ but you won't one la, will you?

anyways sta-sta-starting from Sunday-day-day hor....i-i-i-i-i (this whispering idea is so stupid =.=) h-h-h-h-ad work from 2pm til 6pm then family dinner at 8pm..sure won't do anything related to school work, agree? because IT'S SUNDAY MAAAA..! unless Monday got homework to hand in otherwise, obey the bible when it says "Do not work on Sabbath" hehe! HALLELUJAH!

okay? happy with Sunday?....good

right, Monday started a report which was handed in on Tuesday *yeay*♥HARDCORE until mampus! plus supper a bit plus movie a bit plus nap a bit plus facebook a bit oh mai gutt so hardcore hor?!?! no time to rest ah!

Tuesday after handed-in with messy smelly hair, forgot to brush my teeth as well kiddin! i attended lecture at 9:30am oh mai gutt (kali dua) so hardcore hor? yes...because that ngong module is going to be examined in May and the notes are NOT IN BlackBoard (Student University website) %$*#$$)%& lecturerthen noon got short meeting then went back home, facebook a bit, eat a bit, chat a bit then SLEEEEP

now what the hell is the use of buying Clinique products when i can't even get a sleep? tell me? tell me? i tell u lar...WASTE OF MONEY LOH! no wonder i anti-MONEY NO ENOUGH (by Jack Neo) kiddin kali dua!

Wednesday no need to explain..it's my permanent shift but since it's St.Patrick's Day yesterday (17/03) my shift was from 11:00 til 19:00....no need to count, i can tell you it's 8 f*ckinglonghourswant to hardcore kali tiga so that can WASTE OF MONEY kali dua hor? no lar...for my family to come in July (this is no joke) (=

came back from work sure tired! this one must agree gau gau!but then today got report to hand in woh! how?!?!?

HARDCORE kali empat LOH

okie..gotta get ready, print out from library and hand in my report soon...chiao~!

then hardcore again wtfwtfwtfwtf!....to be continue..

by the way i didn't whisper anymore somewhere somehow.....................................................now you can say cheh~


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