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Sunday, February 21, 2010

No Regrets

i hate it right here, right now

i miss all the happened moments before i step into this whole-different-weird-bullshit world

i miss the INTI familly i had..

spot Miss Premylla..!
spot bday boy, ah neh!

i miss the celebrations and events..

ladies night out for V's bday
ball night '08
shy 'lil lion dance

i miss the fun parties...

last night out before nightmare started 

i miss the bumps

"Take picture? But i'm ugly wor now..!"   =.=

 long lost primary friend

 i miss the randomness

 what the heck?!!?

i miss the stupidity
 hard work - assy - hard work (if you can spot what i mean)

 ♥i miss the LaLa land 


i f*cking miss the intimacy

Miss Premylla

i miss the odds!!

 bday request
 i admit that this is stupidity =.=

i miss the same-o'-ones

i miss the chilling occasions

i miss the sweet escape

what on earth with the hand pose?!?

i miss the road side tofu fa!!!

all these made me wanna cry scream so loud and clear that everything that's not right at the moment just pause for a sec i won't ask for turn back time...but i want it to happen again..at least once again to make my life ALIVE again, please

 i wish for another chance and i'll do it all over again and i swear to treasure it even more than beforethere will be no regrets at all

there was laughter, freedom, connections, fun and excitements thought there were stresses 

there was midvalley

there was sunway pyramid

there was 1U

there was Sungei Wang and Times Square 

there was pure joy

there is blues     

there is frustrations

there is genuine falseness

there is boredom

there is silence

i proved myself wrong about this new world thing...totally fooled myself



ViviaN said...



♥snoopy♥ said...

really no idea...bt i remember i asked for ur hand de =.=

ViviaN said...

YEAH BAH WTF -_____- ss

♥snoopy♥ said...

heheh! dono wat was i thinkin also.. >.<*

jiok said...

hahahahaha... i miss those days too!!!!
ah hwa looks so diff in de picture.. =.=

Anonymous said...

hola michelle,i've been browsing ur blog since few days ago...wow!!u're getting improve now,man!!!i'm happy for u!!!4got to intro myself...i'm Jac...ur highschool fren...full name jacqueline mascarina!!!...keep up ur fine work dude...!!!

♥snoopy♥ said...

[jiok] darling...we'll b 2gede gede soon~

[jac] JACQUELINE!!!!!!!!!!! mana ko ni!!!!! i cari u half dead!!!! later i'll cekik u whn i see u!!