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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gambling Prayer

Snoopy: where's my ang pao??

Mum: you pray for me lah tomorrow night..i'm going to play mahjong with grandma and others. if i win then i'll give it to you as your ang pao..

Snoopy: $.$  u said one ah!

Next Night i called mum again...

Snoopy: so how's your mahjong? no sound no air one? o_O

Mum: no lah...i didn't play also..

Snoopy: >.<* WHY?!?!? i tot you said you're going to play? after winning the money give it to me??!

Mum: if i play i sure win ler [confidentnyerr]....so i don't want to play lor..

Snoopy: means you don't want to give me money lah? T.T

Mum: cheh~ all you ang pao money is with me ma now..

Snoopy: but this one is different..!

AH MAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



kenwooi said...

haha.. interesting conversation.. =P


♥snoopy♥ said...

yea...my mum =.=*