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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chile Earthquake

earthquake is not a new thing to you i suppose...another one hit Chile yesterday and it was a messto add things worst, it causes tsunami warnings to other countries e.g. Russia, Indonesia, US/Hawaii and Japan

no matter how well the warnings given, there will still be deaths, only in minorities

can't blame the world, can we? personally, i think we should lend a hand and to practice it to these places stormed by disaster *thinking what can i do*

feel sorry for these innocent people but i can't think of anything to help them besides prayer and prayerhopefully the government all over the world will give some support to these helpless peeps

last but not least, God bless Japan *amen*Japan, evacuate now!

P.S. Malaysia, no more political and religious vendetta and focus on other HUGE  catastrophe please



kenwooi said...

things are pretty crazy on earth these days =/


zzkang said...

hi snoopy..
well lets hope the death toll will not increase in large numbers....

u had a plamodel camera...can i see the pictures??... :D

blogrolled your blog.. :)

♥snoopy♥ said...

[kenwooi] yea...couldn't agree more..

[zzkang] not plamodel but oth lomo camera..hehe i haven't tried it out yet but i found this blog..


he tried it..& got nice shots...have a look :D

zzkang said...

snoopy...saw the pics in the site...its very very nice!! :D

♥snoopy♥ said...

[zzkang] couldn't agree more! i'll try out my lomo camera when ter's sun here & will post it up for viewing.. i'll vsit u for ur pics as well! gud luck!