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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unfortunate Me

the weather is freaking cold now...

those of you in Malaysia don't show off...i just came back from there as well. hmph but imagine from 20+ degrees to -2 in a BLINK..! okay, maybe two BLINKS.. extremely not home sweet home >.<

covering like #$%^)! and this is just the nice version of it

the truth is...i'm like this..those white stuffs are dry skin and i was having a running nose like flu >.<

and my xmas trip was back to my hometown rather than a nice trip to Italy or Rome :'( such a waste huh?well, someone owe me this ~.~ and i'll definitely claim it back

yea right...i haven't even been there yet i love you *roll eyes*

P.S. t-shirt is a present from monkeys who went to Rome hehe!


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