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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Salut Seafood Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu

after a breezy walk on the beach which ate up my energy, we went to Salut Seafood Restaurant (沙律海鮮村) for dinner..! :D

located at 3 Mile Jalan Tuaran Telipok, P.O.Box 22788, Luyang 88450 Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: +6088-301 300

give them a call if interested..! the prawns are bred by the owner. fresh

entrance to the restaurant...not highly decorated but that's not the important part, no?

steamed prawns...aww....can you smell the freshness? @.@

sea snails a.k.a escargotstoothpicks were given to poke the meat and pulled out the whole thing then nom nom..they didn't give us any sauce >=/

belacan clams..! this was supposed to be cooked with garlic =.= and there was a MOSQUITO on it...♥
kang kong with garlic..it was suppose to be cooked with belacanmaybe the cook putus cinta

fish with tofu..60% of this fish was raped by me *mean smile*

the seafood was actually acceptable except the waiter mixed up our orders so... it's only 6/10


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