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Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Return 2010

the journey back to Newcastle was a torture..! >.< but i'm a survivor [pandai sangat =.=] traveled through the strong snow in UK ni....tsk tsk tsk..

the 1st torture was packing...

and packing...
and more packing......
and packing...!

 then, the whole journey from KK fly over to KL then transit to Istanbul and..


then flew to london...

took train from london heathrow to King's Cross Station

from King's Cross Station took another train to Newcastle City Center Station


 oops..! wait! another taxi from Newcastle City Center Station back to HOME!


anyway..i'm really satisfied with the FOOD both Turkish Airlines and MAS had this time..the only complain is....I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!MAS airlines doesn't provide any menu so i can only post the complete menu for Turkish Airlines

1st meal from MAS arilines... Chicken with Tomato Rice
not bad..! *thumbs up*
2nd meal from MAS...Nasi Lemak but he told the ang mo next to me "Chicken with rice or Omelet?"hahahaha!!! chicken with rice..!!!! >.< next time i go back i try to order CHICKEN WITH RICE in any restaurant see what's the outcome >.<
meal from Turkish Airlines...

*Green salad with Mozzarella
*Grilled Chicken Cutlet
*Do & Co's Chocolate Mousse
*Ovenfresh bread selection
*Freshly brewed coffee or tea

this is yummy...! (=
but the attention goes to...Chocolate Mousse! it's delicious but little too sweet for me
London welcomed me with a heavy, white, freezing snow



jiok said...

abuden macam mana kata nasi lemak dalam engrish?? FAT RICE??? haha

♥snoopy♥ said...

i dono...bt it's damn funny eh...& u hamik FAT RICE =.=

then d ang mo next 2 me asked "so tis is nasi LEI MAK?"

i said yes... >.<