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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Pulau Mamutik, Kota Kinabalu

hehe! finally i got the chance to step on the beach!!! but damn it i'm having my period and my ass can touch the water :'(


the destination was PULAU MAMUTIK which took only 5 minutes from Sutera Hotel harbor

waiting...waiting....keenly waiting......

ding! 5 minutes later..! :D

ah heng (topless) can't wait already..!

this is massive

don't ask me which is what...i only can recognize Nemo among all

tiny weeny

grab for foooood..!

i wonder these fish understand what's OBESITY @.@

 beach viewing...ah~ nice nice

 eh? this thingy is so cute..! it's jellyfish eggs...massively cute! >.<

 soft and little geli....it kind of tickles me off *giggles*

self service
 2 hours later....bye bye~



jiok said...

de jelly is cute!!! <3

♥snoopy♥ said...

cute hoh? i love it too~~! mien mien de...cute & gelik... heheh!