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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Exclusive Snoopy

my patience has paid off! finally i got my SNOOPY PHONE! oh me gutt..! after all the torture of PayPal problems, items not paid etc etc...here it is with me! *tears dropping*

anyway...it's really worth my money...it's a limited edition from Snoopy for it's 60th anniversary and they came out with this cell phone...not as high tech as those Satio, Aino or whatsoever but i don't give a damn!

i don't have friends in Japan so it's so heartbreaking when i saw Japan companies launching snoopy ipods, new hand phones that i can't get it from Malaysia or even UK...but i'll definitely go to Japan at least once i f*cking swear!

i love SNOOPY as much as i love myself! hmph

snoopy fans....enjoy the pics!

 comes with this really nice bag (front view)
 back view of the bag *hearts*
after the bag is the outer box
then the inner box =.= so many layers
 TA DAAAAAAAAA~~!!!!!!!!!!!!  *screaming*

it has 5 changeable back covers and it differs from the old to new snoopy version *more screamingssss*
deng! cute 'lil you
it's a touch screen phone
 provided a pouch..exclusive as well (= (back view)
 front view
the whole set with the phone
custom made charger, headphones and USB cable

closer look..it has an extra battery too!
just look how AWESOME it is!!!

i'm really really really really really really really really really really satisfied with this cause i don't expect it to be a contemporary gadget so i'm so in love with this thing (=♥

i got this from ebay but they have their own website called A Cute Shop.. click this A Cute Shop

if you love snoopy like i do...go get them! as i said it's limited edition!



Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

you're really a snoopy freak aren't you, snoopy. XD

kenwooi said...

always read the comic strip on newspapers =P


♥snoopy♥ said...

[kelvin] love it before Jesus was born! :D :D

[kenwooi] yes yes! i used to collect them as well!

Ally Arisa said...

*thumbs up!

i didn't believe it when osbert told me. just had to visit ur blog to confirm it! nice buy!

♥snoopy♥ said...

haha!! tat gepoh ozzy~

u can hav a look aft u come bac from ur "summer" trip!! miss u ally~~!