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Friday, January 22, 2010

Coach X Resolution

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Coach joke

since i'm down with flu and sore throat [stupid best friends ~.~], i'm home whole week except for tuesday when my condition was not this bad..yet

*sniff sniff*

munching on a piece of pizza...

*cough cough*

boy...i really don't intend to get better huh? yes i do! >.< it's just that i'm sick and i can't cook for myself excuse nia

anyway...it'a already 22 days of 2010 and i got to have RESOLUTIONS!! since everyone have them! wokay think think..

think think.......

*sniff sniff*

think think..........................

okay...how about reading the whole bible in a year?
- yea right, it had been my resolution of the decade =.=

fine.. read more books...? like one book each month?
- ehem heeem...tik tok tik tok..it's 22th now and i haven't touch any book COVER yet...

hmph! next....to graduate with an 1st Hon Degree??? *sounds interesting*
- shit..this one sure FAIL gao gao lah! 2nd degree also don't know can get or not..mimpi jauh jauh lagi =.= DERETE this resolution from life!

damn it!! i really don't have any! i'm not some kinda supermodel, famous celebs or even a smart scholarship student holder! what on earth would my resolution be? eat more and eat even more? *WTF* - cannot maintain own weight nuh

surely i can't have any resolutions/pledges for the year...it's okay if i have it like, temporarily? i'm not sure since when did i have one exactly =.= but i can't set any at the moment..just let it flow~~ *cough cough* pardon me

at the meantime...i'm enjoying every second of my life!.....not this immune system down period but the whole year! can be my resolution eh?

ENJOY LIFE 2010 !!!

good job!! that's what i'll do for now *wide smile* i want to treasure every moment of my life properly, live if as if i'll be bombed tomorrow and do stunts that i wont regret..uh uh..i definitely want this 365 days to be better than before with outrageous experience! at the end of the year, i'll have a great laugh as i recap from today!

God can't change the past! (=




Anonymous said...

Snoopy, take good care of urself ya~ wear more & increase ur Vit C intake~~ =D


Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

hi hi.
Thanks for your nang.
That was a funny conversation haha.

♥snoopy♥ said...

[bella] u too! it's cold bt luckily it's getting better (=

[kelvin] no probs.. i was stupid enough... =.=