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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Babeh

this post is decicated to my very-very-long-time friend..Angeline Chok Chok "Choke" a.k.a Baby ..hehe~
 the Big Babeh
anyway...i met her when we were in Form 5 [she was one year older than me though] in church holynyerr joining worship team together and then we clickedi must say life is much less complicated and more fun, laughter...you know, all the good stuffs but that was THE OLD DAYS

then when she went on to KL to further her studies, i pursued my Form 6 in Tawau with thoughts of going to KL and work right after my exams and i did...i contacted her before i went over for a place to stay and life in KL began with the other 2 new friend of hers

everything was so nice, just perfect for a naive young lady to went over, work, make friends and enjoy life to the max, typicalthe truth is..few things got pretty messed up and in the end, friendship was broken, life was miserable..things were so different for those who involved but we tried our best to keep the innocent part alive in order to preserve what we built up previously

we were, are and will be the best friends forever despite whatever happened, whatever WILL happen to us cause we have a strong bond which holds us tighter when tsunami disaster came/is coming

i remember our best day was when we went out to surf online [back then we used to go out online] and she was driving cause i haven't got my license yet we reached town and *POOOOOOOFF* mati karan! the whole town was as dark as coal..!

so what are we going to do?!?! we asked and no answer..so we decided we drove around and wait til the electricity to be back on

driving driving......

drove to highway....


*BOOOOOOOOOOOM*....now what?!?!

we hit a motorist! >.<  the motorist was banged and he went down to the drain o_O we talked and talked and talked and there came a couple [back to THE DAYS there were lot of good people] but only the boyfriend did the talking with the motorist and we were spared [thanks to the couple!] from anything cause it's not our fault he ignored out signal light so that was our THE NIGHT TO REMEMBER

 Big Babeh and I

HaPpIe BiRtHdAy To yOu AngELinE ChOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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