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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Before I Waived

*quick quick quick! finish up all the old post and start a fresh, new ones!*

just to keep my head tick on time..

i just hate to keep all these posts but no choice, i don't have my own lappie when i went back and all of my blogging ideas flew away just like that...and i had been blogging like a dead fish in order to achieve DUE DATE =.=

anyway...this post is a mixture of the small little pieces that made my holiday memorable.....in a way........my way

170cm model leg eh? heheh!

 kakak! tumbuk lada!! heheh..long time no see, friend~
it's not my fault i don't know how to use the old-antique-blackie toaster @.@
kaya..with extra self grown FUNGUS/MOLDS whatever *yuck*who the heck kept this in the fridge ~.~ for Santa Claus to eat this year meh?!
10sen ang pao from V..custom made de..
char siu pau....heh!
 drive and snap
Snoopy: auntie, choose one for me...sweet one
Auntie: ok ok...nah this one ok o not? RM16
Snoopy: sweet o not one?
Auntie: sweet...warranty one..
 Snoopy: *aih??* warranty ah? then ok lah...

latest news: watermelon got warranty! :D :D

o_O pat poh herbal tea?? after drinking become more busybody??


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