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Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Absinthe, Lintas KK

UPDATEZ: ALAN left comments about where you can get absinthe all night long in Malaysiacheck.it.out!.though.it's.illegal.

my first visit to the newly opened The Absinthe without absinthe (=

they don't do absinthe...it's illegal in Malaysia i guess..? anyway...it's a pub in Lintas (Lintas has the most pubs and karaokes in KK)

Coffee's sister was celebrating her birthday in advance

here we go..
the lights are changes from blue to green

the back part of the pub..slightly different feel~
guess who's the odd =.=



Alan said...

Absinthe is available in Malaysia ... and is even available in KK! At the Jade bar, Api Api Centre.


♥snoopy♥ said...

really? i was told it's illegal ~.~
nvr tried it either..

thanks though!

Alan said...

Good news for you! Absinthe now sells absinthe!

You might want to update your blog for those people who don't read the comments?

PS Hope you're enjoying the snow. It's funny that two bloggers based in the UK are discussing absinthe in Malaysia!