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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ying Jie Pan Mian, Lintas KK


i tried once and i'm looooving it! very much! this Pan Mian restaurant has a small place to dine in but you'll get a place if you go at the right time *wink*

comes in a bowl at RM4.00
pan mian, anchovies, fried garlic, shui jiao, some meat and veg
really cheap nuh! >.< and yummy some more! where to get this kind of food? want to franchise also cannot eh!

also from the same restaurant, an auntie has this home-made chicken legs..oh mai gutt! it's really yummy!i'm not sure what the best chicken legs taste like as i'm not really a chicken leg fan but this really melted my legs!
small bowl at RM3.50, big bowls RM5.00 (kalau tak silap hehe) the sauce it just perfect!


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