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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuckish Airlines, Mishandled


it was my journey back to Malaysia via Turkish Airlines for the first time. with no one else to ask about this airlines, i traveled alone (again =.=) wondering how well would the service be..in other words, little bit of gan cheong heheh~!

surprisingly the service was good enough, seat space is just nice, food was eatable (= and the plane wasn't shaky but just a 'lil small problem...


i think because it was a transit with different airlines..from Istanbul to KL it was by MAS airlines so they mishandled my luggage..it wasn't only mine but the whole group who transit with the same airlines with me experienced the same situationit was kinda funny cause i had lots of time in between my flight from KL to Tawau so i wasn't really "cared" about where the hell my luggage went but to the others... "Why can't you call Istanbul airport and ask them where is the luggages?!!" , "Can't we get it today!??" etc etc...

seriously it was such a turn off tough cause my food were in there and i was worried that  if it goes off, it'll be a waste that i brought all the way from UK that was my only concern about the whole lost-luggage thingy

already feeling sticky and hot and sweaty and yucky due to the weather in Malaysia *duuh* i managed to meet Cath for just about an hour before i depart (AGAIN) back to TWU to SHOWER...! (busuk giler >.<)

flew safely back to TWU , showered, had dinner with my Dearest Dad ..! then went out with my best friend with blurry 'lil head but happy!

till then..!

to be continued...



kenwooi said...

losing the luggage is a bad experience >.<


♥snoopy♥ said...


i consider it okay coz i got back my luggage the next day..