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Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

when was the last time someone surprised you? either your dad, mum, aunt, uncle, cousins, BFFs, BFs etc etc... do they always surprise you?

for me, i can be sure it's a NO...i repeat..the N+O = NOi think it's kinda funny cause when i was younger i used to accept anything people gave me as a present but getting older i tend to tell people "Why don't just gimme the cash and i'll treat myself the best?" =.= what? it's better than buying me stuff that i don't like e.g BARBIE DOLLS ~.~

 eventually it became some sort of ritual if you would define that..which drowns the surprises away~ far far away~~

 however, i like to surprise people around..maybe because i like to see the look in their face? the OH-MY-GUT or AWWWW look?whatever... as long as it's not those emo emo expressions that erries me *yuck*

so...i finally got a surprise today..from someone *yeay*

 comes with a box, 'lil nervous, can't wait, heart pumping fast.... >.<  

         tada~~~~~! and YES it's empty!!! what a surprise...! :D well....join me in "I HATE SURPRISES" club *wink*

okay..seriously i had this parcel arrived from my online shopping and i had been waiting for quite some time

Coastal Scents used by Michelle Phan, a makeup guru which i adore very muchsearch her on YouTube, her makeups are really interesting and unique..she's born to live with colors i can say

for more information click this link COASTAL SCENTS

the colour are just brilliant... 88 Piece Makeup Palettelast me for....555555 years?



Hpility said...

lols..The sweetheart is drama too not movie! xD

nic said...

hey snoopy, ur blog is getting better n better. i love ur blog! ^^

♥snoopy♥ said...

[Hpilit] oops...! my bad... @.@

[nicki] sure o not? bt i saw my 1st few post i paiseh also...hahahahha!!

alexis said...

i noe michelle phan too..
how much u bought it?? =)

♥snoopy♥ said...

it's 20pounds include shipping...around RM100 oh..

nic said...

yea, it's true. anyway, enjoy ur christmas shopping ya!! :D

♥snoopy♥ said...

[nic] hehe.i will...u too!