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Monday, December 21, 2009

Instant Tawau


went back to Tawau for only 2 days so...not much of fun and activities

below were pictures of my first dinner with my dad in Ambar Park, Jalan Kuhara

all time fav..chicken wing
crave for Spring Onion Deer Meat
the must eat.. Shui Gao (boiled dumplings)
shui gao always come along with this Wo Tiek (fried dumplings) like twins (=
so called Duck Fish? my dad said this fish and duck look alike o_O

Chocolate Factory, RM6.50..can't remember the name of the cafe..something ice cube or whatever.. but not enough of chocolaty taste )=

Mayonnaise Fries from the same cafe..not bad

the next day i had brunch with my BFFs
 famous Tawau Sang Nyuk Mien! (Raw Meat Noodle) from RM4.50..it's not raw meat and don't ask me why it's named like that..just eat it (=
visited my BFF's nephew..Emmerse (i hope it doesn't mean BIG EYESSSSS)

and for dinner with my dad. we had...

  all time fav..Sweet and Sour Fish
my dad's fav...Pork Feet
soup of the night.. Chicken Soup?

i went for a road trip to KK the next day and before i left, i managed to get a shot of this..
April Fool 2009...i never knew this game was for april fool =.=



Cipan said...

Look very delicioussss

♥snoopy♥ said...

it is..! at least to me.. :D try it someday!

Victor Tan said...

Hi :) I'm from Tawau too =)

♥snoopy♥ said...

[victor] coincidence! thanks for visiting!