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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Head of TANG family

P.S. this post was suppose to be on time (06/12/09) but somehow i can't upload the pictures so...delayed *tsk tsk tsk*

To My Dearest Dad,


okay..he might not see this but no harm doing this..who knows he might someday if i show him 

he's the dad that wants me to think he's the hero, savior, a man that will never gets angry no matter what i do is wrong but yet nags in front of my mum but hey, dad..i know who you really arenot before i understand what human characteristic is but now i do and you can't hide your true self from me, dad 

people..when you read the "extra scene" then you'll kinda get the idea of what i meant earlier =.=

thanks for loving me, cared more than enough, taught me things that i can't learn in school, showed me the colors of this world (=the summary is...everyone loves daddy...he cares about everyone (sometimes toooooooo gepoh as well)

i know it's a short post for you Mr.Robert, but i want to keep the rest for future (= 

oh c'mon daddy...you're better than this... *giggles*

eheh! who's this handsome man? *wink*
-extra scene-
when i called them (mum and dad)..

Mum: where's daddy's present?

Snoopy: later lah...i send him card first for now..why you didn't buy daddy any present?

Mum: cheh~ he doesn't want my present ah..last time i bought him a hand phone he doesn't want it

Snoopy: you don't buy him hand phone lah.. buy him something else..

Mum: you talk to daddy lah...

Dad: yes yes? what?

Snoopy: what do you want for your birthday oh?

Dad: ANYTHING lah..aiyah you buy lah...

Snoopy: ya meh? you tell me what you want lah

Dad: ANYTHING lah..how i know you..

Snoopy: ok lah...



 -extra extra scene-

#1 Pic..it's toothpicks in a soy sauce bottle, obviously @.@

okay, from #1 Picture..my dad and i were in a restaurant waiting for our food to come and he said "how are these toothpicks going to come out from this thing?"

....i opened the cover and said "like this =.=*"



kenwooi said...

you daddy! =)


Adele said...

Clicked your ads and clicked on the very enthusiastic "Click Me! Click Me" ;)

Hehe, love the cute layout skin~ ^^

♥snoopy♥ said...

[kenwooi] :D

[adele] thanks..! & thanks..! visited ur site too.. (=

Nabil said...

haha. 'ANYTHING lah' =)
btw thanks for dropping by at my blog. i use drawing tablet + adobe illustrator to draw. =)

♥snoopy♥ said...

[Nabil] @.@ don't understand at all..bt i googled...& i think i have d idea of it.. thanks!