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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Guo Dong Dinner


first Guo Dong post (=

it's more to a family gathering thing so i don't really snap much but it was a funny, nice and foody night (nom nom nom...)

all hand cooked by my lovely Aunt Dolly!!
from left: 2nd uncle from my dad's family, cousin, dad and mum

story behind - Coffee was playing his game while little Momo was stamping on his spitted-out-watermelon like stamping on a cockroach after Coffee don't let him look at his game *self entertaining* =.=
Super Boy, said my mum...
ultraman in pose

ishh...my mum ni..ask ppl to do these poses for fun =.= tsk tsk tsk poor Uut

ma mum
home video (=