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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Grandma is Da Boss


hahah! had dinner with grandma at Yu Hing, City Mall Kota Kinabalu

na na na...before you even comment bout it...i must say after my dad mentioned the name of this restaurant then i realized i took this picture without the "Yu"hehe speechless leh..i never learn mandarin ma, what do you expect? o_O and why on earth they don't get the "Yu" fixed ~.~

hi granny!

granny said: don't take my picture! i'm not pretty now! haha! hilarious!

hot pot seafood

fried egg with pork

img border="0" height="300" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_tC1YJ6G_1FI/S0pVS9L7UHI/AAAAAAAABIc/MqpmeOv5R3s/s400/DSC01734.JPG" width="400" />
Choy Sum with fish i think it's too watery

pork ribs (fave fave!) it's all mine! mine! miiiiiiiiiineeeeee~~~~

daddy i know i know...you're still hungry *LOL*

tu belakang gepoh...hmph

stuffed but wanted more (=

the food was enjoyable..8/10 i can say and it's worth coming back again some other time

have you seen a pineapple that bear pears, grapes, strawberries, mangoes as well as laichees???

haven't? me too!! it's a new technology that combines all these fruits together in one..! now you can have 5 in 1 pineapple!!! 

just kiddin' !!!  it's all jellies..! my grandma bought one because it's adorable



kenwooi said...

the food looks good..
i wanna have them now.. lol..
and the jelly pineapple is cute =)


♥snoopy♥ said...

try them whn u got d chance.. (=

yea..totally cute & tat's y my grand ma got one >.<