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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Always Learn From Mistakes

get up get up..! sun's rising up up high..!! as for me, i woke up quite early [including SNOOZING my phone] and get my ass in the toilet for a cold, refreshing, clean* shower :D

psst! i kept thinking if i showered yesterday and before i went to bed..."SHooT! i didn't shower at all..!!!" then doze off~ okay, call me stinky but just for once :| and that's with the (*) sign

but just to be clear..i shower twice a day okay


proudly ironed my black uniform, well prepared, walked myself into the meeting room with a bunch of not-so-swanky-fashioned colleagues along with hats and scarfstared by them....plus another pair of eyes from my manager =.= which he asked " Are you suppose to work today?" - replied with a shook head *totally embarrassed*oh....what did i get myself into again...sigh

lucky that my house is barely 10 minutes from the venue which i got the time to chance during the break *phew*

anyway the training was okay, not very interesting but i did learn something from it (= some facts that revive the importance of costumer service

 interestingly i found that people in that room has difficulties in simple spelling..i repeat simple~ spellings~~

How do you spell ENTHUSIASTIC?

now how do you spell CLEANLINESS?

i thought it was funny..! i mean it's a good thing that kept me awake. . .for a short period and they don't bother to ask if it's the correct way to spell it [i guess it's all back to the "ogE"]another thing that kept my eyes wide open?

one at a time buddy....

at the end of the day...i made myself indo mee...! due to the fact that i was too lazy to cook (=


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