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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reading At My Owns'

thank God i'm alive from struggling long-suffering busy under pressure assignments...! *breathe in, breathe out* and repeated 111111 times (= let's say i cheated death! assignments

when i was scolling up and down on Facebook yesterday night, commented on every single post i saw, say hello and *poof* off etc etc..now i'm doing the same except for nothing =.=with this zombie-like-plus-ham-choy-look face at the moment i don't think going out is an option though i really wanted to take some fresh air

anyways..after two paragraphs =.= ..my main point is..i added few people in my blogs' list and you, yes you...ya you lah! is pleased to visit theirs' (=

next. i have this habit of reading on my owns' blog at my leisure and don't think i'm weird ~.~i guess it's the way i improve my blog...you know, by reading mine as if it's a random blog..? and i'll tell ME that i should improve this, change that style of blogging etc etc...

of course i do read people's blog but i don't go pin point on others blog and say i can't do that, can i? it's super rude, dude

1st thing that helps my blog to improve definitely is my English lah!


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