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Monday, November 23, 2009

Ticklish Fingers

in the middle of estrogen-steroids-signaling-assignment and Gossip Girl thingy plus blogging for now after handed in one assignment today

i did lots of glass washing last Saturday night due to the broke down of the dish washer *frown*and two days later guess what i got for my hard work?

yea i know my fingers are kinda dwarfy =.= but nothing special? hmm...try the next picture
not that clear yet? ahak..! move to the last...
now there you are...tiny little tickling-peeled off-skin-dwarf-fingers

but still i hate putting dishes and glasses into the washer cause it's not as cleaned as hand washed..ignore my fingers and whispers support hand wash!



lalalabird said...

OMFG!!!! y like tat oneeeeeeeeeeeeeee
pls use more hand cream...
wear gloves, k??

♥snoopy♥ said...

wo de shou tuok pi....rendam air too much liao...got got..sont worry i got apply lotion. now ok ok di..hehe..wear gloves kenot work lar darling =.=