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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hungry Horse, Newcastle Upon Tyne

time for a ride..! :D :D *hoooooray*

so i went for dinner with my housemates (5 of us altogether) to HUNGRY HORSE
where one of my housemate works there...so we were quite excited cause we have this student voucher with lots of offers for each month and we went for November's offer which is the FREE DESSERT FOR UP TO 4 PERSON (=

the big smile just turned into saddy-soury face when we were told that only one dessert per voucher rather than 4 per person =.= big hope, big misunderstood

anyway..since there's nothing we can do, besides me, everyone had 2 meals for £8 deal...so we took order and enjoyed the night..!

the dessert is freaking awesome..!!

too high for me to have a nice take =.=
it's a big, warm, peaceful place..as in no teenagers loud story telling or monster babies crying/running around
kind of an L shape restaurant and we had our seat at the _ part of the L
the menu (= time to pick your choice

i gave MINI GRILL a chance to fill up my appetite
this is my dessert, Miss Ultimate Candymania..!
arrived..!! darn hungry..! and it was so-so (i don't eat peas btw)it has pork chop, lamb chop, lamb liver and sausage

this is massive...!!! really ultimate..! it has smarties, M&Ms, 'lil chocolate fudges and choco-vanilla ice cream in it oh! with choco sticks as well.. *giggles*
as big as my face..seriously! and it's really goooooooooooood~
this look good as well? not so in tongue though (V & G's dish) it's toooo oily and the portion is toooo smalljust look at the salads..i can count them.. 1,2,3,4,5. . . see? told you i can count them

PICTURE OF THE DAY!!can't finish the desserts..so..... & mums keep saying "Don't you waste your food!"

overall...? 7/10 from me as i'm fine with my order, service was very well aided and it's really a nice cozy place to hang out now your turn to try! cause this horse is starving for you...!!



kenwooi said...

you're at newcastle..
nice.. =D


theeggyolks said...

the ice cream is HUGE!

♥snoopy♥ said...

yeap kenwooi...looots of malaysian here. haha!

yolk...! u'r right..it's HUUUUUGE! :D :D