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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The First One

hiya..! to start off...and then a big "TADA..!!!" to my new skin..! okay i wanted to change to something more cozy or winter-like skin but i just don't fancy any......yet *cough cough*

anyway i'd finally came to my senses that...why not keep all 4 seasons in my blog? rather than changing it every 3 months? hahk..mindless me back then =.= . i don't mean,..i'm mindless....just that my sensory receptors simply got activated recently :D [recent as in this morning..thanks to Durbaba~ba~ba~ba's NEUROSCIENCE assessment ~.~]

One new label for my blog! *yeay* ... like i will stick on that definition but yet...i'll try *ehem ehekhekhekhemmm* gosh...people these days *shakes head* . it's for alllllllll of the determinations that i want, will and should do/desire..! umph! erm.....can, can i just cut off the "should"?

#1...i want to read books that i bought SO BAD______________________________. okay..not that desparate. i just have thoughts about reading one on leisure but but.....but...but.. i'm not giving excuses other than LAZY. well...if you read this....please please (mm goi mm goi) DON'T REMIND ME I WROTE THIS join me in this "club" and i'll not get that lonely then =.=.

by the way..while people are blogging about how AWESOMELY 2012 is..i watched an old 2012 Dorm day which G claimed she downloaded THE "2012" . i was holding my food tight for the movie then a 5 minute screen of some kinda river was the opening for so-called 2012 =.=.

*blackout for the next dark hours*


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