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Monday, November 30, 2009

Discovery Spree

went to METRO CENTRE with V to get Xmas presents + own shopping since i haven't shop for quite some time..! :D

 nice decoration..with a nice and cozy cafe underneath
Xmas tree at the center which is known as The Square

 ♥love this store..it has lots of weird stuff..! awesome~~! >.< bought some too..! stay tuned (=
Discovery Spree #1: horror heels..? i thought Halloween is over
Discovery Spree #2: looks like a wedding heels..or something Katty Perry kinda style..just me
Discovery Spree #3: love it...but looks auntie the more i look at it =.=
vintage or more?
Discovery Spree #4: this is soooooo Serena van Der Woodsen..me thinks

Discovery Spree #5: i love this Brand..! it's HENLEYS brand..have a look here HENLEYS
it's absolutely gorgeous
handbags...not so fancy though
awesome top..!

 on our way back home, we stopped by at Fenwick cause V wanted an eye cream...so i looked and looked and LOOKED...! >.<
Discovery Spree #6: whoopsy!!

it's a Boob Tube to firm up busts and neck..! ahahahaha!

 there were a lot more e.g. tummy firmer, hips firmer, etc etc

Discovery Spree #7: hahaha..! i bought this BOOBALICIOUS snuggle hug for my brother as his Xmas present..! >.<

angel crystal for Angeline (=

Discovery Spree #8: this is a dress from kid's collection but apparently i can fit in! :D
bought this for Coffee >.<*
this was purchased from the Mind Games store..i guess i'll be opening it on my 40th birthday =.=

such a nice day to discover massive stuffs (= have you prepare for this coming Christmas?


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