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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Work Done!

i got my old posts done at last...! phew~~~~!brief about my journey back to Newcastle...

i cancelled my AirAsia return ticket and booked Emirates cause my school started on 21/09/09 and i don't want to miss the first week after i missed the welcome week plus induction )=moved into the Chaplaincy and unpacked my stuffs...with G & V's help

after 3 weeks of lectures, i find FINAL YEAR is unexpectedly difficult and sometimes i doubt i can go through this yearpray more...pray more

just celebrated my 22nd birthday with Satay which falled on Mooncake Festical as well (=had Kit, Ah Hwa, Satay, Roy came from other town THANKS FOLKS!sad thing happened on my 03/10 when Coffee said i'm not his coffee anymore...i was in Wilkinsons and my tears really almost fall but i managed to distract myself with. . . . .CHOCOLATES =.=but then we made things up and we're cool now (=

my job is great..haven't met nasty colleagues yet and hopefully won't

last thing before i sign out is i changed my blog's skin to a soft coloured one...sweet!


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