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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WOKMANIA, Newcastle Upon Tyne

this is Snapfax..a promotion card i guess for students to enjoy various types of discounts and money saving foods, haircare and optical productssince it expires at the end of October, G and i went to WOKMANIA in The Gatesit's a really huge place that fits at least 300 people in and it's the most worth it buffet so far i'd ever known [at least better than the ones in China Town]

only £3 pounds per person for ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!!!!walao eh..!! don't you want to grab some?!!???! super cheap and worth it ah!!
   too much choices @.@ seriously too much
    fish, noodles, rice, lamb, pork, chicken, vegetables, indian cruisine, soupssss, salads, chips etc etc!!
SUSHI~~~~ wfurofnleoipnvmdhzgap  SUSHI~~~~ >.<

my 1st round...aiyo, cat's food =.= 
   2nd round...can you spot the fish? it's really delicious and it's the 1st time i ate fish in Newcastle's buffet

  desserts from popcorn, ice cream, cakes, fruits, biscuits...! the ice cream is soft and WHITE!
   food-overloaded faces @.@
   vivian, G and Rachel
it's satisfying... *thumbs up*. . . bye. . . *buuuurp*


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