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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meat-Cabbage-Tomato-Rice Ball

all of the sudden i was craving for SUSHIss...! >.< so bad that i can't get my rest as i'm having mild flu as well @.@ WONG ANGIE, u must have spread to me..! ~.~

since i can't have any sushis in UK due to the high cost and i don't have complete ingredients in the kitchen [only WASABI]. . .i made myself meat-cabbage-rice balls..! :D :D at least it can ease my cravings /.\

The Process: . . . 
  1. Chop chicken meat until it looked minced.
  2. Chop cabbage until bits as well. Mix both meat and cabbage [which makes it meat-cabbage]
  3. Smash one tomato into the mixture and mix them [turned into meat-cabbage-tomato]
  4. Add equal amount of cooked rice. [it's meat-cabbage-tomato-rice!]
  5. Spread amount of flavorings i.e belacan [which i used], prawn flavor from packets you can get from Maggee or Seri-Aji (=
  6. Using only egg white, roll the mixtures into little balls and ready them on a clean dry plate [my meat-cabbage-tomato-rice BALLS !!]
  7. Fry them with oils.
before frying
 TA DA..!!!! my sushi replacement..! doesn't look much difference after frying in pictures though

one thing that i did it the other way round is i did step 5 + step 7 together cause. . . .i forgot that step when i was doing it =.=

-extra scene-

i had monthly Family Dinner with my housemates and chaplain on 15 Oct 2009, the day i got my pay too..! :D


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OH MY GOD... I THINK I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!