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Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Asia, Newcastle Upon Tyne

eye [check]
clothes [check]
shoes [check]

and i went to. . . .


there were Ally, Nedra, V, G, Me and Osbert [he left after we arrived]

a lot of this prosperity cats just for decoration @.@ *meowwww*

a lot of Asian food in this menuAlly said the chef came from Penang, Malaysia

i ordered Stewed Pork with Vegetable Rice and honestly it was nice although it was not as good-looking as in the picture =.=

hehe..! yummy!!

again...close up....YUMMY!! *burp*

ABC with read bean and corn for my drink

there is this sauce, not knowing the name or the exact ingredients but it's a unique sauce to eat with noodles and rice

Ally's Blog @ HERE!!
she's toooooo full...because she drank too much coke =.=

Snoopy, V, G

Bottom: Ally and Nedra
Top: G and Snoopy

the funny part...we paid for our own food but then there were extra £2.50 and we cracked our head to solve this maths =.=*then we taught that it might be the cashier's mistake that he counted only 4 drinks instead of 5 and we were right♥because of this honest act, we were given free drink coupons before we left *LOL*

Little Asia with surprises :D


-extra scene-

it was my camera's 1st day out since i came back from Malaysia..time to wake up cammy!


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