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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


why do we need changes in our life?

let me think. . .

cause it's they way the world should be..?

from living in the cave to staying in bungalows, hunting for daily food to purchasing meals in supermarkets, from herbal leaves to chocolate ice creamsi guess all these changes made were beneficial for us, human, right?

why computer was produced? it's because human are too lazy to write these days =.=

from walking to cycling to driving to flying...these lotus-eaters just don't bother to take the old fashioned way anymore or because the world should be upgrading itself to be a better world?

well...you can keep your opinion for your own debate

i think changes do happen for men are too selfish and greedy that they keep doing evolutionary variations to "make life easier" but in fact did the Mr.Earth get enough breath to breathe or to even say STOP YOU'RE HURTING ME?

yes...the technology, food, transportation, communication might be much better than our grandparents edition but what about now? the next generation?who can stand up to the world and promise that it will be a better tomorrow?

sometimes...i hate changes that i saw.i really do.it's not that i'm not grateful to have a sweet car, cozy house, large screen laptop, nice shoes, new hand phones but there are certain factors that gets my nerves on...and gloomy as well

especially things that i really want to preserve well.very very well but it's a shame that the more i want it to be unscathed, the more it become shattered

and at the end...it's just me, me self and i 

me thinks




lalalabird said...

YEAH!! people juz wanna make their life easier! and they can't hear me sayin "STOP HURTING ME!!!"
I DULAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♥snoopy♥ said...

haiz...wat 2 do leh darling? we'r just a tiny weeny creatures in tis earth /.\

♥miszluna™ said...


hi! i klik mr potato! :P

♥snoopy♥ said...

hey Luna.. (=

thanks...clicked on yours too..have a nice day!