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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bomb Threat

my first experience of BOMB THREAT in Northumbria University yesterday♥but it was not scary at all...for me because. . . .

we were in a class waited for the lecturer, Geofferywhom never ever been late to class to come at 1pm . NO, not once but then we kept waiting

but after 15 mins waited, one of the classmates said "The whole building was evacuated and we were the only ones in this bulding"i was. . . ."WHAT??" what happened??then Gayani, another classmate said there was a bomb threat in Ellisons Building and we were supposed to evacuate as well to Lipman Building and wait for further updates

what happened next? i went home to change and by the time i went back to V and G, the crowd was gone (= WE end up in Boots and Superdrug, discussing the potential placement for the bomb was in the CITY. . .in the dustbin =.=

eventually today...i was told that there was a bomb threat call that cause the chaos and securities were evacuating the whole building but obviously not good enough cause WE were still in that building. . .IN PEACEthe securicors were not familiar with the building's structure i guess that failed to clear up the "whole" building and making sure no one was in tha building

so yea...that's the whole story about the bomb threat yesterdaychao~


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