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Monday, October 12, 2009

5 Pounds Voucher

one of THE THING when it comes to shopping..who doesn't love vouchers that let you buy more yet pay less?yes.....we all love vouchers

so Boots.UK is giving out vouchers when you buy various products included in these promotions

 ♥you can get this from Boots UK

 ♥i was happy to get this voucher cause i can pay 5pounds less for No.7 or Ruby Millie items on my next purchase but then, after i got myself a No.7 primer the cashier gave me another 5pounds voucher @.@

~.~ i think this is the old fashioned way of cheating old ah ma-ss, young kids , adults and  also myself to buy, get vouchers, buy again get vouchers again..buy again again get vouchers again again.......so my points is...don't be so happy about the vouchers =.=


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