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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


A place I was born, grew up and learnt a lot of stuffs Though there are a lot more I learned after leaving this small town yet the bonds, chemistry started right here

Not to miss out all the Firsts….

First word spoken,
First birthday party,
First person whom I called “BFF”,
Aarrr, first love,
First hurt,
First exam,
First punishment,
First accident,
Etc, etc….

I spent most of my grew up years in this small town, acknowledging Tawau is not an interesting place nor attractive place to visit or travel =.=. [Once famous for prostitution on reality tv show] However, Tawau amazingly changed in time and it never stopped to impress me Like a merry-go-round, I saw little changes every time I went away and came back

It’s never bored to see the changes made…unless I stay here permanently @.@

last but not least..the food...!! *woooopa*

famous in Tawau is the sang nyuk mien which means raw meat noodlesit's not raw actually and i don't know where the name came fromsorry no pictures of it! >.<
delicious dim sum made by Hong Kong sifu

newly opened Indonesian cuisine which serve Ayam Penyek as the main attraction
  NASI KUNING! i don't think this is sold in other place than Sabah but if there is...please tell me (=
    this is "ya jip" [in Hakka] meaning coconut sauce...in other words, ice blended coconut drink
    auntie selling pisang goreng, cempedak goreng and maybe some lekors..i was down with flu and sorethroat so i din't had the chance to try them )=



Sabah Kitchen said...

Hi....u can indeed find nasi kuning in KL now...just drop by and enjoy the best of sabah food at Sabah Kitchen

snoopy said...

@sabah kitchen - really? alright thanks! I'll check it out when i have the time :)